The Relationship Between the Crown Council and Total Patient Service (ToPS)

Mar 22, 2022


Over many years we’ve learned that the most successful dental practices not only clearly understand the relationship between the Crown Council and ToPS, but they effectively utilize them together.

Three Ways to Think About This Relationship

Analogy 1:  The Gym

In one way, joining a gym is like joining the Crown Council. Gym members have access to all of the workout equipment in the gym. Crown Council members have access to all of the community support and valued content.

At the gym, a member might pick up a sheet of paper at the front desk with some recommended workout sequences. But if he or she really wants to progress, and/or work on some specific things, those gym members will typically sign up with a personal trainer to work with them one-on-one. Crown Council members use ToPS coaches as those “personal trainers.”

Analogy 2:  Sports Teams

Every great team has a coach. It’s the coach’s job to make sure the team wins. Famous coaches like John Wooden or Lou Holtz didn’t play the game and coach the team at the same time! In a dental practice, the dentist is always “in the game”—hence, he or she cannot be the coach.

A coach’s role takes years to develop and a specialized skill set. There’s never been a championship team or an Olympic gold medalist that didn’t have a coach.

Analogy 3:  Hygiene Care, Restorative Work and Accountability

During one of our recent livestreams, Stuart painted a word picture that outlines a third way to think about the relationship between the Crown Council and ToPS—and Greg adds the critical concept of accountability:

(video length, 2:20)

ToPS Coaches Have Unparalleled Experience:

(video length, 1:39)


Our “Ask a Coach!” Resource

Click the Blue Circle to Visit With a ToPS Coach (free)

In many different places on our new website, and on many of the lessons and sections inside various portals in your Directory, you’ll see this “Ask a Coach” animated icon. Anytime you have a question, take the opportunity to visit with a ToPS coach and get your question answered! There’s no cost, and they’re “happy to do it!”

The New Cobranded Logo

Whenever you see the new cobranded logo on the Crown Council’s website (e.g. Skill of the Week), we hope you’re reminded of the unique relationship between these two entities, designed to help you create the dental practice you want, and a life you love!



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